Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Sisterhood Needs Your Help!

I wanted to take a little moment to talk about something that’s important to me, and ask you all a tiny favour.

I have posted about The Sisterhood before, but in case you missed it, let me tell you a little bit about it. The Sisterhood is a group of over 700 women from around NZ who have never met, but have joined together via the internet to reach out in sisterly love to women all over the country. Women who are going through tough times, or women who just spend their time selflessly putting others firsts, anyone could end up a target of The Sisterhood’s prayers and practical help.

Here’s how it works:

~ Someone nominates a woman who they know, who they believe could do with a bit of a boost.

~ The Sisterhood sends out a message via Facebook to the other sisters and tells a little bit about the nominated women.

~ The Sisters send gifts, chocolate, coffee, cookies, pamper vouchers, grocery vouchers, cash – whatever each Sister chooses to send. A little from each Sister goes a long way!

~ Donations are gathered in and pulled together to create individual ‘Love Bombs’ – parcels sent out anonymously to these unsuspecting women. Here’s what they look like:

The Sisterhood is a beautiful thing, because it is so simple. I said before that there are over 700 women involved nationwide. Well, it started with just one woman. My lovely bloggy friend Sophie posted her simple and beautiful idea on her blog one night, after being moved by the story of a friend. It started with the question: What can I do? As we read, we knew we had to be involved. How could we not? The thought that someone, somewhere, would open her door and find a box filled with beautiful gifts, put together just for her by women who she doesn’t know, just to show her the world is filled with goodness and beauty and people who genuinely care...that thought was too powerful to resist. So we got involved, a small group at first, but word got around and within weeks the group had grown...and grown. Because the world is filled with goodness and beauty and people who genuinely care!

If you aren’t already a part of The Sisterhood, and want to join, here’s the link to Sophie’s Blog: http://www.sophieslim.co.nz/p/the-sisterhood.html

And the Facebook page is here: https://www.facebook.com/SophieSlimSisterhood

And now, that tiny favour I wanted to ask you? It really is tiny, I promise.

The Sisterhood is in the running for a $10,000 scholarship. We need votes, lots of them. What I’m asking is simple: vote for us? Please? And ask your friends and family to vote too?

It’s really simple, you just need to click this link and hit "Vote for me" on the side, then follow through and accept Facebook's terms.

Of course if you’re really keen, you could share this post, or write about it on your own blog. Like I said, we need lots and lots of votes to win this scholarship, so please share with everyone you know!

I so appreciate you taking the time to read and vote. I’m not into spamming people, and only ever blog about things that I genuinely care about, so THANKYOU for your votes, and your prayers.

Bless you!


  1. This is beautiful!

    Thank you for sharing cass xxxxx

  2. Beautifully written. I am posting (if you don't mind) to maybe promote a few more votes for you and to share the what's and whys of who we are.


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