Tuesday, August 28, 2012

So much to tell you...

Finally, a moment, to pause and reflect.
So much to reflect on too. So much has happened.
First things first. My beautiful niece and goddaughter.

She arrived at 4am on the 7th of August, to a room filled with love and tears, joy and relief. Parents who had waited twenty years to hold her. I was blessed to be there, and the first glimpse of her totally wrecked me – I sobbed like you would not believe.

She is perfect. And I’m not just saying that. Ten fingers, and ten toes, and even just the shape of her face can take your breath away, before you even take in the beauty of her eyes, her cute little nose, her perfect mouth.

Ok, I’m gushing, I know. I can’t help it. She is the reward after years of praying, wishing, hoping.

My sister and my brother in law suffered so much loss over the years, that they had come to believe they couldn’t have children. Yet here she is, their amazing daughter. Perfect. And so, so loved.

During the labour, my sister received phone calls and visitors at the hospital. Friends and family who had been waiting, hoping, wishing and praying for twenty years alongside them. My niece was born into a world full of people who were desperate to know and love her. She was born special, and she will live special, surrounded by love and devotion.

Watching my sister cradle her little girl, name her, feed her, whisper dreams to her, was one of the most precious gifts of my life. What that little girl has given the world is permission to hope. Hope, because the blessing does come, after the pain, after the waiting. And when it comes, it makes the waiting, worth the pain. It takes your breath away, leaves you speechless.

The day after she was born, someone else left me speechless. I left the hospital, climbed into bed and slept for hours, woke and ate breakfast, still in a dream-state, still experiencing the miracle I had been a part of in the early hours of that morning. By the time the kids were all dressed, fed and ready to go it was early afternoon when we arrived back at the hospital so they could meet their new cousin.

And there, I met a man who was my dad. 
But that’s another story, for another day.

Welcome to our world, precious little one. We loved you long before you were born, and we will go on loving you. I pray you will have a blessed life. I pray you will know the joy you have given all of us, simply by being here.



  1. Oh oh oh!
    this just gave me GOOSEBUMPS!
    Wow wow wow

  2. SO precious - SO exciting... what's her name :-)!?! I want to know details - weight, length etc!

    Looking forward to hearing the other story also!

    1. Not sure if I'm allowed to say her name on here, but it's a combination of her mummy and daddy's three sisters. :)

      She was born 5lb 7oz, not sure of the length.

      She's over six pound now and doing really well, I can hear her cuteness over the phone hehe!

    2. Im on the phone to her dad hehe...midwife is there. She's 4 weeks old today and measuring 50cm in length. Head = 35cm. Weight = 7 lb 1oz.

      Just thought you all might like to know hehe

  3. Welcome to the world beautiful girl!

  4. She is too adorable ,so many blessings sweetheart :)


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