Monday, June 25, 2012

So excited!

I am so, so excited! The Sisterhood Love Bomb made it onto the front page of Stuff.
I know I haven’t really mentioned The Sisterhood much on here, but that’s just because I’ve been busy and distracted. There’s a LOT I haven’t been writing about, to be honest. The Sisterhood Love Bomb is just one of those things.

When I first came across Sophie’s little idea, everything inside me screamed yes, yes, YES! Years ago I used to refer to our mums coffee group as ‘the sisterhood’ whenever one of us was in need of love and support from the rest of the group, so even the name of Sophie’s new idea appealed to me.  The whole ‘love in action’ thing with women reaching out to women not out of pity but simply because we can, was something I knew I HAD to be a part of. At the time, I was struggling myself, financially, emotionally, even physically, and I knew just how amazing it could be having someone reach out to you just because you exist. I could imagine the ladies receiving their love bombs in the mail and smiling, maybe even shedding a tear or two as they realised that they’re actually not alone, that someone, somewhere cares enough to do something a little bit special for them. It was too, too beautiful.

We women can be so cruel to each other sometimes. We compete and compare, we tear each other down, too often. The Sisterhood is about building each other up. That’s why I love it.

And now it’s on Stuff, and in The Press, and it’s going to be featured in a women’s magazine, and who knows where else God will take it. But actually, the possibilities are limitless, because when women do get together, really stand together, and work towards something, amazing things happen. More women mean more resources, more ideas, more prayers...more possibilities.  I’m so, so excited to watch this grow and shape itself and see what it becomes a year from now, and two years, and five years.



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  1. That sounds wonderful. I think women are wonderful to each other and I would love to get involved with this sort of thing.
    Take care



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