Thursday, May 3, 2012

From the archives - Birth of a Princess

I received an email comment this morning from someone interested in adding my 'Baby is Here' post to a collection of birth stories. I have been thinking for a while that I should write Froggie's birth story, but have never got around to it. It's going to be a hard one to write, since his was the toughest birth for me. Looking back on it does not give me good feelings, which is sad, because I had such a different experience with the other three.
But it did get me thinking, and as I sat with my morning coffee I had a wee look through my old blog (yes that's right, this is not my first. I was blogging way back before blogging was cool) and dug up Princess's birth story. I thought I'd share it here, because it was such an amazing day and I do love the reminder of what an awesome and holy experience it was bringing her into the world.


Victoria Faith is here. She held out till the very last and then shot into the world at incredible speed at 11:14pm last night. It shocked us the way she kept us waiting on 'high alert' as our midwife put it, for so long, and then suddenly at full speed decided to make her entrance into our world.

I had been having some fairly painful contractions off and on for a while, starting and stopping several times in the last few weeks. I'd gotten to the point where when I began to have somewhat strong labour pains at 4.30am I didn't take much notice thinking it was probably more of the same. I woke with each contraction, but dozed off in between, until at 6 o'clock I felt I wanted to be up and active so I got up and made breakfast. Chris woke up shortly afterwards to the sound of my moaning in the lounge. I just told him it probably wouldn't amount to anything and since we had planned to go looking at a few garage sales that morning I said I thought we should still go. So we dropped the kids off at Mum's - her and Pete had plans to take our boys and Josh to a model train show at Pioneer Stadium, and we headed off to some garage sales. I say we, but really I sat in the car while Chris went into most of them, because I just became more and more uncomfortable and sore as time went on. I know it might seem silly but because I'd already waited so long for the baby to come, it was almost lunchtime before I said to Chris 'I think I might really be in labour' and so we decided to go home for some lunch before we picked up the boys, that way we could time the contractions and let mum know if things were well on their way.

It didn't take long after that to recognise that this was it, and so we got ready to go into hospital. Mum and Karla came over to sit with the boys, Nelly & Charlie showed up after tea. My contractions grew stronger and more painful. The midwife came and checked me over and left again and I carried on.

After the kids went off to sleep and all was quiet I dozed a little on the couch between contractions. Chris said he was going to make some cheese toasties. The poor guy ended up burning them because all of a sudden my pains became hard and fast. Then he didn't even get to eat them because I suddenly said 'I need to go NOW' and he immediately dropped everything, picked up my jacket and got me into the car. We were there in no time at all. He'd phoned the midwife, who had phoned the hospital so the security guy called me by name when he let us in, which was somehow comforting. Chris was my absolute HERO last night as he supported me and I have no doubt in my mind that it would have been impossible for me to get through it without him. It might sound strange coming from a woman who has just given birth, but the whole thing was just as hard for him as it was for me and he did amazingly.

At one point I was in the bath and in terrible pain, and I looked up at him and said 'honey please pray for me.' He said 'I am praying.' I said 'No, pray out loud' and as he did I felt so empowered and instantly relieved and was able to get through the pain. It was incredible.

Later, we were amazed again when I had an overwhelming urge to push, but I had to get out of the bath first. Of course they were coming so hard and fast there was practically no break in between so I was unable to get out. I said to Chris 'I can't handle this.' He said 'Yes you can, God won't give you anything you can't handle.' I yelled out 'God, help me' and instantly it was gone! I was able to get out of the bath and back to the birthing room just in time to lean on the edge of the bed and with a few hard pushes gave birth standing up. I had intended to climb onto the bed but the pain hit me so hard I never got there. I just stopped walking, leaned over and out she came! I was still standing there in a towel dripping from the bath and when I looked down to see the midwife's arms holding up to me this little baby wrapped in a bloodied towel I actually laughed and leaned down to touch her face.

It was several minutes before we discovered she was a girl. Chris and I kept saying 'Is he ok?' and then we pulled back the towel to find 'he' was a 'she'. Chris and I looked at each other stunned and he said 'it's a girl honey'. Can you believe I actually went back and rechecked about 10 minutes later - still don't really know why I did that since once is enough and I'd seen it the first time! The two of us kept repeating 'a girl, a girl' over and over, we were so expecting another boy. It was just too perfect.
Now she's laying there sleeping, not even a day old and I'm still in shock that I have a daughter. Victoria Faith. Named to reflect our journey with her so far and all that she's taught us already about God and who He is and who we are in relation to Him.

I'm excited by the sense that she will have more to teach us. I'm thrilled by the inkling I have that she will turn our world upside down, not just for us as a family, but for us as a church and for the world too.

She's different. I can sense that about her. Chris cried this morning, and again as he sat with us at the hospital, as the whole miracle of her being here finally hit him. That is the effect she has. She can make a grown man cry tears of joy and praise God simply by being herself.

I feel so fiercely protective of her, yet at the same time I can sense a strength in her that leaves me reassured that she is full of the power of God that will keep her protected. She is so special.


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