Monday, February 7, 2011

Permission to speak freely

Dear Cass

Let me remind you that you created your blog for you. It’s an outlet, a record, a hobby, a fun pastime, a relaxation tool.

It does not have to be funny, or inspiring, or intellectual, or anything else.

It does not have to have free giveaways to keep readers coming back. It’s ok if no-one is reading it.
You can write a post and not include any pictures.

It’s ok if each post is totally random and the blog does not appear to be about any one thing. Your life is random sometimes, as are your thoughts, so go with whatever’s on your mind that day and don’t worry about the entertainment value of any one post. It’s totally ok if a whole post is about nothing more than how you made the beds. It doesn’t matter if a post is boring. It doesn’t mean you’re boring.

Just write.

Because you miss it when you don’t.

And, as per usual, you’re making too many rules. Just enjoy the feeling of having put something down on paper, of having taken some time in the day to do something for yourself, of having created a space for yourself.


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