Monday, October 18, 2010

Pregnant Again!

Yes, that's right, I'm pregnant...again. Apparently it was obvious to everyone but me. Even my doctor laughed at me, although it did take some effort to convince me I was in fact 100% pregnant, despite four positive pregnancy tests. 

So the family are all buzzing with excitement right now - and I gotta say sometimes their excitement is a little annoying (lol) - it's hard to be excited while fighting the urge to throw up. Not that a new baby wouldn't be a wonderful thing, I just find it hard to focus on anything other than nausea at the moment!

And I'm very aware that I'm 30 this time, and not 24. I feel ollllld and already heavy and so very unsure of myself. It was 6 years ago that I had my last baby.

And my head is slow and I'm all ditzy and forgetful, which hubby thinks is adorable but I find very frustrating! Preggy brain sucks! (Although it could make for some very random blog posts in the next few weeks.)

But our family is growing. Apparently I am not past my use-by date yet. Good to know.



  1. Another beautiful baby to add to your lot :) Chris and I were having a discussion the other night and I told him thank god for the pill or we would have a trillion kids, his reply was "well you gotta get in the world record book for something". I am thinking "Yea...NAAAAAA". Actually now that I have commented on this post, I have re-read my comment and it makes us sound like rabbits.. So not the case by the way, lol. Ok, shutting up but congratulations anyway!!!!!

  2. WOW congrats!!!
    that's so cool.
    Apart from all the puking.
    But once you're through that... a new baby!!

  3. Congratulations and here's hoping the nausea clears off soon xx I've just had my third bubba at 36, so you are a spring chickeny dear! xx I would love to have one more, but the few grey hairs that have started to appear (gah!) are telling me to be content with my brood (& hubbie most probably agrees!). Wishing you well x


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