Tuesday, October 19, 2010

5 weeks

I met my midwife today, she's totally lovely, very laid back and cruisy which is what I need from a midwife, so I'm happy. Then this afternoon had a scan to find out my estimated due date, which is 20 June 2011. Good times.
So I'm about 5 weeks along, which is very surprising as we thought I was further along than that. I've been feeling unwell for weeks already, although this week it has stepped up a notch. I can tell the time of day by how nauseous I am now (if I'm ready to puke and the couch is looking cosy it must be somewhere between 1.30 and 2pm). The very worst part though is not being able to think straight lol my head is all over the place (even as I type this I get halfway through a sentence and forget what the heck I was going to say!) So please forgive me if my posts ramble on at times or make little sense or just tell you a bunch of things that you didn't want to know. Or if a sentence or subject doesn't really have any connection to the one that came before it.

You'll understand, right?

Anyway so the midwife (did I mention I really like her?) she gave me a Bounty pack, as they do, when you are pregnant in NZ. It's basically a little information pack, with some discount vouchers and a few freebies thrown in. I was flipping through the "Your Pregnancy" book, and actually was surprised by how much of it seemed unfamiliar. It was a long time ago that I was pregnant, and some things have changed. These days they want to test for down syndrome and as well as taking folic acid and iron, you take iodine supplements too. Prams look like you need a licence to operate them and there's about a million different products you 'need' to make breastfeeding easier. When I had my babies your boobs were all you needed. And it helped if you sat near a water cooler cos ya got thirsty.

Well, I just got a txt that my mum wants me to call her, so better go.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pregnant Again!

Yes, that's right, I'm pregnant...again. Apparently it was obvious to everyone but me. Even my doctor laughed at me, although it did take some effort to convince me I was in fact 100% pregnant, despite four positive pregnancy tests. 

So the family are all buzzing with excitement right now - and I gotta say sometimes their excitement is a little annoying (lol) - it's hard to be excited while fighting the urge to throw up. Not that a new baby wouldn't be a wonderful thing, I just find it hard to focus on anything other than nausea at the moment!

And I'm very aware that I'm 30 this time, and not 24. I feel ollllld and already heavy and so very unsure of myself. It was 6 years ago that I had my last baby.

And my head is slow and I'm all ditzy and forgetful, which hubby thinks is adorable but I find very frustrating! Preggy brain sucks! (Although it could make for some very random blog posts in the next few weeks.)

But our family is growing. Apparently I am not past my use-by date yet. Good to know.

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