Friday, March 12, 2010

Things That Don't Suck

My poor little bloggy, how I have neglected you!
It’s been chaotic and pretty darn tough around here lately, so I haven’t much felt like blogging. Or rather, I have felt like blogging, but didn’t think I could come up with anything worth blogging about. I’m clinically depressed - I think my life sucks.

So, just for thrills, I’ve decided to just write a post about the things that don’t suck about my life right now. Because I’m sick of thinking about the problems, which mostly aren’t real anyway, but they seem real, because of the depression. So here goes:

Things That Don’t Suck About My Life Right Now (in no particular order):

Hubby and I went through a rough patch for a while, and I wasn’t even sure if we were going to make it. But lately it seems that we’re finally past that and our relationship is strong again. We’re communicating better, he’s sexier than ever and I’m totally in love with him. He’s been a major support to me too, which is great, because I feel a bit like the bottom’s fallen out of my world (or my brain) and only a decent hubby could be so cruisy as he has been with my weekly trips to the doctor, new meds, brain farts and tearing up over a broken zip. LOL!

Also, I met this guy recently who, although he’s a cool guy and a great friend he’s got serious issues and has cheated on his girlfriend so many times they’ve lost count! Nothing like meeting a guy like that to give you a little perspective eh?

Teachers Who Care
Boy is doing SO well at school this year, and is actually SMILING a lot more, it’s fantastic to see. His teacher this year is without a doubt, an answer to prayer. She seems to understand already that he’s a boy who responds best to praise, that words stick in his mind so you have to be careful with what words you speak to him, and that he will do well at school if he gets regular encouragement and one on one conversation. Last year he struggled, his teacher was quite old school, and so during the holidays I prayed a LOT about his teacher for this year, because by the end of the year I felt his spirit had been crushed a little bit. Not that she was mean to him, just that her way of doing things didn’t match up to his needs. She would point out the things he needed to work on a lot more than what he was doing well at, because she thought this was the way to get more out of him. He worked hard to impress, but always felt like a failure, because when he improved on one thing, she’d point out another thing he could improve on. This year’s teacher seems to know every little thing he’s interested in, tells him that he’s good, he’s wise, he’s funny, he’s good at things, and actually leaves him little notes in his homework book that says things like: “You were so great on athletics day” and “It’s been great getting to know you these last few weeks.” Maybe these little notes don’t seem like a big deal to her, but his face absolutely lights up when he reads them, and they have become the highlight of his week. Thanks God, for teachers who care.

Crazy Chick Friends
I know I’ve already mentioned T, but this chick is definitely something that doesn’t suck about my life right now. I love that she’s the sort of person I can cry with, and talk things over with, but also laugh with. She’s mature enough that I can tell her honestly how much I’m struggling with the depression right now, and she’ll come over and rip the curtains open and force me off the couch. “What have we got to do today?”

Then again she’ll also get drunk and come up with a dance routine called “The Pelican” which I have yet to actually see without her falling in a giggling mess on the floor, but I gather involves a lot of flapping and some jazz hands.

I love a crazy chick who is mature enough to cope with my mess of a brain, but not afraid to do immature things because I need that too.

~ Moments with Wiseguy, when he shares with me the surprisingly grown-up thoughts that swim around in his head these days.

~ Watching Princess get greeted by group hugs when she arrives at school every morning. Her small class is like a little family.

~ I’m on the old Telecom network, so the problems with XT have not affected me.

~ My mental health worker is awesome. She actually listens and gives great advice.

~ Cadbury Fudge Duets.

~ Hubby’s beef stew. Mmmmmm.

~ Coffee. Always coffee.

OK so now I’m just talking about food and drink. I guess I’m hungry.


  1. Hey Chicky, great to see you posting again, and those are some very un-sucky things. Keep in touch OK??? You know I'm here for ya. xx

  2. Hey Cass
    good to see you in blog land!
    that list is a great one! Yup, sometimes it is a smart thing ot look at what doesn't suck instead of what does!
    love your chicky friend...those are so good to have!
    I echo what Simoney take care!
    love and light

  3. brain farts. can't stop laughing. spilling my tea now.
    yip. very un sucky. the NPLS girls are so stealing you away next time you are in chch
    so glad to hear about Neihana's teacher. Noah sounds very similar to him. what an awesome blessing she sounds like!

  4. hey, Yip with Widge on the stealing you away on your next chch trip :) Concentrate on the positive in your life because that guides you to grow stronger for all the other crap. Take care xxx


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