Monday, February 15, 2010

Back to school

So the kids have had their first couple of weeks back at school and I’m stoked about how much they are loving their new classes. Wiseguy especially, who loves his new school SO MUCH he can’t stop talking about it, and when I woke up Saturday morning to find him doing his homework and he saw the SHOCK on my face he said “I love homework”. I had no words. (It gets even better – he actually thanked me for sewing his name onto his socks! All I could think was ‘who are you and where is my son?’) So I’m loving the fact that the school year has gotten off to a reasonably smooth(ish) start. Even if for the first week I felt like I’d been run over by a bus because I had sooo gotten out of the early morning routine! Only a small bus.

It’s been so good being able to have adult conversations with actual adult people. Not that my kids are boring or anything, they just aren’t GIRLFRIENDS.

So I’m thanking God this week for my newish friend T, because even though we met less than a year ago, it feels as though we’ve known each other forever. T is the mother of my oldest child’s BFF, that’s how we met originally, although it’s hard to tell that now because the kids aren’t always around when we get together. They used to be the whole reason why we talked, now the fact that they get along is just a bonus, and the boys love it because they get to hang out more at each other’s houses.

I’m also thanking God for the great time we had at church yesterday. Truth is, we haven’t been to church in a while, mostly because we hadn’t found a place that appeals to all 5 of us. We’d looked around, and thought we’d decided on a church, and then we decided to go back to the other one...ended up not going at all because we weren’t comfortable there and didn’t want to be church-hopping. When we discussed it we decided that we were just being proud, and that going back again was probably better than not going at all. And our kids love it, the people are nice and the children’s ministry is excellent. And it starts at 11am so we actually arrive on time without ever having to get stressed at the kids. We have a rule on Sunday mornings, no yelling at each other and then going to church and acting like a happy family lol, so I guess we are late for church a lot. But we decided years ago it’s better to be late than mean and fake. Which is harder for Hubby than me because punctuality is very important to him.

My wee princess starts touch rugby this week, she signed up to play for her school and it’s her first time playing so should be interesting to see how she goes. And oldest son (who is home sick from school today, nasty migraine ugh!) has signed up for a science badge. Are these really my kids?

Anyway this has been a pretty boring, unexciting post, but I wanted to update it just cos it’s been so long. Maybe I’ll win lotto or the Nobel peace prize and the next post will be better.
Here’s hoping!


  1. Hey, nice to see you posting again! Glad to hear you have found a church... nowhere's perfect aye? Just have to get in there

  2. hey I thought there was alot of exciting things in this that love school...time with girlfriends...a special new friend....a church you all like...and that smile on your face...these are VERY exciting things!!!
    thanks for sharing
    love and light Cass

  3. great that you found a church that you are all happy with :) 11am starts rock the bomb, I loved it until our pastor has recently decided 10am are way cooler (me not so much).. But we get there, rubbing our eyes and yawning.. I admit last week i threatened the 7 yr old to go to sunday school or else lol, that one hour makes a huge difference... but importantly we do get there xxx


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